Copenhagen Fashion Week Interview & Preview with Stine Goya

Stine Goya is not only one of the most famous designers of Denmark, but captured in this country more and more hearts. Since the first Jane Wayne hour we are already fans, eagerly waiting for Stine news and can easily get enough see us on their slightly dreamy pieces. Not only its collection has a super positive and lovely appearance, also the designer itself is an absolute piece of gold. I was able to convince me during its store openings in Copenhagen last Friday even and am since then even more in love.  Continue reading Copenhagen Fashion Week Interview & Preview with Stine Goya

Jacket or Top without Sleeves?

Increasingly there are more alternatives to the classic prom dress and increasingly those who opt to leave long dress hung in the closet to opt for a costume that it no longer has masculine inspiration but is 100% female. Now the question is how to combine the party pants. Alexa Chung y GIA Coppola they have two ideas for you. Continue reading Jacket or Top without Sleeves?

Video: This Is Jane Wayne for DIESEL #Skinzee “Friendship“

I’ve decided to write a letter instead of searching for a suitable description. Because actually, I find the moving images need at all for any further explanation. In the video we shot for diesel, it is namely above all to a great friendship.

Love Sarah Jane,
I sit here before my laptop, the only constant companion, I see more often than you. I see us one day in the summer, what girlfriends so do, if not a cloud in the sky and does the job for a day break. “The Orange girl” we bought on the same day. And sometimes, if we no longer believe in love, then we read before us today that. If nothing goes, we keep us on the hands. The two of us against the rest of the world. For 16 years. Continue reading Video: This Is Jane Wayne for DIESEL #Skinzee “Friendship“

Wake-Up Call, Memorial & Art – A Striking Sweatshirt To Shake Awake!

To one to take pre-emptive: this sweater is the fashion industry very probably not change. He is not from the ground up to improve production conditions, nor our radical 180 degrees rotate all consumption behavior. This sweater creates discussions, infinitely long pros and cons list and contributes to reconsider. He creates what rarely works in fashion. What is usually hardly one to trust. Bobby Kolades sweater in collaboration with the artist of Manu Washaus combines fashion with art, fashion with a political statement and fashion with ethical demands – Memorial and poster food for thought at the same time.

After initial doubts about the portability, skeptical how much self-promotion, I’d speak to the carrier and the question of Bobby Kolades position as a “Good person”, there are for me only one result: riders urgently required – to buy because there is not even this artwork. Fashion is a mirror of our times and this Sweatshirt a call to action – that should be worn well. Continue reading Wake-Up Call, Memorial & Art – A Striking Sweatshirt To Shake Awake!

To Visit The Showroom At Comptoir Des Cotonniers, Paris

Above the bright roofs of Paris with an excellent view of the whole city and of course the Eiffel Tower: Comptoir des Cotonniers bright showroom aka a huge apartment somewhere capital, France would have no better Paris feeling to start my short trips can conjure. Oh my God, this is an incredibly beautiful city. Pretty cheesy I must admit so that dreams hardly materialize – and already I’m mentally in “Breath out of” and considering yet again RASP short to cut my hair and to stroll along à la Jean Seberg through Paris. But we let it, I drift off so needlessly.

What is different on French presentations than on those in Germany? Everything is elitärer, although informal and friendly and the fashion is received with much attention, yes almost already awesome under the magnifying glass. It has however also earned Amélie de Capdeville’s new Chief Designer. She wants to breathe fresh air to the slightly dusty image of the French label, landed a bull’s-eye with her heart and passion with me and shows me in the interview why we in the future must heed comptoir des Cotonniers more. Continue reading To Visit The Showroom At Comptoir Des Cotonniers, Paris

Tomorrow: Meadham Kirchhoff for Our Site – the Looks

A giant wind is doing H & Ms this year’s designer collaboration with Isabel Marant, while currently felt attention is not the English counterpart: Meadham Kirchhoffs fourth string for the British High Street in this country certainly not comparable is given to mass-grade with H & M’s coup chain our site, Meadham Kirchoff is not Isabel Marant and Our site also not H & M – and still: a bit more attention we would have still liked the design duo Edward Meadham and Benjam Kirchhoff. Continue reading Tomorrow: Meadham Kirchhoff for Our Site – the Looks

Pictures of the Day “Mnemosine“ – Stine Goya for the Summer 2014

What do you do best against nasty gray Monday morning mood? You tried mentally to break out, to have a serious Word with the universe or resigned simply and quite motionless waiting for that Friday will again quickly. Yes, the thing with the montages is and remains a matter of muffelige – also, we know that. But hey, it uses nix. Finally we all must. We distract us so somehow together, go slow on the Christmas wish list, superior, where at last new year’s Eve is to be celebrated or let us look at just again Stine Goya’s response to the summer 2014. Continue reading Pictures of the Day “Mnemosine“ – Stine Goya for the Summer 2014

Designer Exchange Ann Demeulemeester Back Their Label & Murkudis Leaves Closed

The one closes an impressive chapter and the other as a result of disagreements: Ann Demeulemeester, one of the successful Antwerp 6 designers who in the 80s for rethinking in the fashion industry led and managed, that the small Belgian town and their Academy virtually overnight was appointed the best address of the forging of fashion, leaving her own label after 30 years.

“As a young girl, I dreamed of having a voice in fashion,” she wrote by hand. “I worked hard to realize this dream and now I feel that I accomplished this mission. I have always followed my own path. Her label is now large enough to continue to grow and to go in the future. We let this decision times today the mouth and hard hope that Ann Demeulemeester surprised us soon with a new news. But where else is a designer change – or say we finish. Continue reading Designer Exchange Ann Demeulemeester Back Their Label & Murkudis Leaves Closed

Rewind: Current Trends Part 2 – the MIDI Parade Celine, Carving & Louis Vuitton.

Once again rewind rather than to constantly look into the crystal ball and current to forget: already in April we have raved of the well-known MIDI-length, thanks to new techniques of cutting everything else as OMI therefore coming and since then quite turn the head us.

Short inventory checked and found: jap, two specimens can be found in my rock financial – one in the classic pencil-cut from Topshop and a far cut from the House of Henrik Vibskov. Both are loved, but in both I’m given me too also a bit hard to combine them just not frumpy.  Continue reading Rewind: Current Trends Part 2 – the MIDI Parade Celine, Carving & Louis Vuitton.

Pre-Fall 2014 / / Dkny Further Back

It’s December, and that means: pre-event time. Excuse me, but who would have typed on Christmas now, which we must disappoint at this point – we already a few seasons are seen as fashionable. Sounds totally stupid, it’s also. At least the fact that we deal with it. Why are the creations presented yet? So that the buyers can order quickly, and so in the summer everything depends on too early in our favorite shops. We can spare you yet so unfortunately not quite by the coming winter curtains finally we want, that you on the spot always well know you know. Makes sense, right? Continue reading Pre-Fall 2014 / / Dkny Further Back

Trend: The sock. Or: Trends Make Me Mad.

I am currently a little trend tired, or maybe even trend bored. Lace, transparency, boxy shape – surprise that, in any case, if we limit ourselves to all portable. I see a Yes that such trends are of course strongly thought further, that remains hardly anything like the past few seasons, and whether only a new twist in the overall outfit, which ensures fresh air through a different combination than in the previous year. There are of course: the above trends. As FAT checks or casual ideas. But it’s not just since yesterday. Continue reading Trend: The sock. Or: Trends Make Me Mad.

Brustkrebstmonat – Diesel, Leandra & the Nipple Shirt

At the scroll through of my Instagram stream I was stuck at nipple. Great nipples, more specifically the Leandra Medine there wore on her shirt. “We come on the same ideas but also all“, I thought, before my brain suddenly reported and alerted me to the breast cancer month. Right, well, what was there. Lendra wears the diesel shirt because some Kidder secretly had painted breasts there on her (like me at that time, on a shared party once,), not, but a shitty disease of the Earth to remind us.  Continue reading Brustkrebstmonat – Diesel, Leandra & the Nipple Shirt