Antoni & Alison

20 years since this pair of English designers fun to divert British establishment, with typical Anglo-Saxon irony, rich details a bit outdated, between schoolboy genius, eclecticism and artistic approach.

20 years and still the same freshness, the same childlike candor keys to everything that deliver to the world of adorable fashion UFOs. Ready-to-wear, decoration, Antoni and Alison using all media to express their vision shifted and surreal world around them. They mock the rules and like to go off-road in nicely shocking good consciences. Their shows are always unexpected: the presentation may be in a stairway in the form of a guided tour in the workshops of the couple or in a pub where viewers are invited to get drunk… Continue reading Antoni & Alison

How to Choose a Backpack

As long as you wear a backpack?

Remember that you wear a backpack on your back, so it is really important right choice? ill-chosen backpack can cause back pain.

What will you wear in your backpack?

It is also important to say what you are going to transfer in the backpack. This is related to the choice of an appropriate size backpack and internal organization pockets backpack. Note also recommended carrying capacity of the bag by the producers of the product state. It should underestimate the grand jury and that, for example, to prevent the breakaway back strap or another part of the backpack.

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Latest Trend in Winter Jackets

Already in late October shows that winter is approaching with great strides. Early morning frost and harsh winds make the transition jacket soon redundant, since it does not protect sufficiently against freezing temperatures. So it is long before the meteorological start of winter, on cozy winter jackets and coats to set. This winter show in this area great trends for streetwear fans, fashionistas the clothes purchase online should not miss.

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Vivienne Westwood, Anti-Fur

The queen of the London unestablishment has recently come out in favor of PETA, stating publicly that it did not use real fur in its collections and never use it. She joins Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and of course Stella McCartney, who defend animal rights in the world of fashion.

Will it revive latent controversy is never far when addressing the topic of fur? In any case, affirming his opinion on the matter, it takes the foot against current trends, fur has never been so desirable and dusted this season. The creators have dealt with uninhibited manner, so that the followers of fox fur may see their numbers increase seriously. Continue reading Vivienne Westwood, Anti-Fur

Catherine Bailey for Agent Provocateur

After opus Maggie Gyllenhaal – more or less successful aesthetically – it was the turn of the model and wife of the famous photographer David Bailey to pose and enter sulfur universe of the English brand. Catherine Bailey becomes the time of a story the lady of the manor, between ambiguity and fantasy.

Agent Provocateur, the muses are followed and do not resemble. Kate Moss, Daisy Lowe, Maggie Gyllenhaal and now Catherine Bailey are all women who represent a different facet of what may be the art of seduction.  Continue reading Catherine Bailey for Agent Provocateur

Pregnancy Skirts

Strategic piece of the dressing of the mother, the maternity skirt or the future mom pants are in direct contact with the skin of your abdomen. The latter being put to the test for 9 months, pregnancy skirts or maternity pants are must, above all, be comfortable otherwise quickly become unbearable and simply be banned from dressing your future mom when your belly will grow.

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How to Wear Lace Clothing

It is approaching that time of year in which it becomes difficult to choose which shoes to wear: the beautiful sunny days that will give us the illusion of being in the spring, but in reality it will be too early to pull out of the closet sandals and ballerinas. And ‘the classic period when it’s too hot to go out with boots and ankle boots, but also too cold to show off typical spring shoes.

The only thing we can do to avoid hysterical long before the mirror is to find a pair of shoes suitable for this time of transition, that causes us to feel comfortable regardless of weather conditions and fluctuating temperatures dancers.

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Learn to Walk on Heels

You can learn to walk on his heels? In part, yes, it is a simple matter of habit. But let’s face it: the heels are not good at all. and women should get over it. Because? Let us explain …

All we would be Gigi Hadid and walk on his heels with grace and elegance, but to do so it must exercise and the right leg. Walking with a heel 10 is not easy and also-an inconvenient truth that must be told – high heels are not good at all.

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Kids Fashion Trends

Arrives in showcases fashion kids. Here are all the trends for autumn 2015. The chiefs must-have accessories and garments that will wear our boys for a back to school fashion, comfortable and very trendy. A roundup of ideas and advances of what we buy for children clothing in September 2015 and that it will also lead to the next 2016.

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Plus Size Maxi Fashion

Maxi fashion clothes in larger sizes, plus numbers – these are the most common ways that are named collections, offering clothes for women who are unable or unwilling to fit into the modern idea of ​​”standard figure”. Unfortunately, especially in our country, the supply of such models is extremely modest and subject and many comments.

Recently I noticed some movement and some online stores which were not known until ax collections attempts to contribute to the supply of such models. This in itself is great, but met with many conditionalities.

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Wearing Pearl Necklaces

Two weeks ago my pearl necklace broke, it was a trauma, owned since 2002, and I was bound to her many memories, good and bad. Pearls have always led me to the truth in my life. I wore that column, with three laps around the neck to a particularly ugly New Year, which I have not read the signals as I should have, the wearing of a high neck sweater in the chilly evening where I met my boyfriend, and he took it as a joke. I lost earrings in many cars, but the pearl I left it in the right one, a black wolf that now no longer exists. Continue reading Wearing Pearl Necklaces

How to Wear a Summer Dress

Summer dress, dress for summer or dress worn in summer? Call it what you like, but make sure you have at least one in your closet! Yeah, the classic summer dress is one of those pieces that will never go out of fashion and a real ace in the hole to wear in any occasion.

The dive also feature on the red carpet and during the most exclusive parties, but also us ordinary mortals we should choose it whenever you do not know what to put: to be impeccable and refined without too much effort, make the choice to fall on a simple summer dress is always a good idea.

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