Pre-Fall 2014 / / Dkny Further Back

It’s December, and that means: pre-event time. Excuse me, but who would have typed on Christmas now, which we must disappoint at this point – we already a few seasons are seen as fashionable. Sounds totally stupid, it’s also. At least the fact that we deal with it. Why are the creations presented yet? So that the buyers can order quickly, and so in the summer everything depends on too early in our favorite shops. We can spare you yet so unfortunately not quite by the coming winter curtains finally we want, that you on the spot always well know you know. Makes sense, right? Continue reading Pre-Fall 2014 / / Dkny Further Back

Trend: The sock. Or: Trends Make Me Mad.

I am currently a little trend tired, or maybe even trend bored. Lace, transparency, boxy shape – surprise that, in any case, if we limit ourselves to all portable. I see a Yes that such trends are of course strongly thought further, that remains hardly anything like the past few seasons, and whether only a new twist in the overall outfit, which ensures fresh air through a different combination than in the previous year. There are of course: the above trends. As FAT checks or casual ideas. But it’s not just since yesterday. Continue reading Trend: The sock. Or: Trends Make Me Mad.

Brustkrebstmonat – Diesel, Leandra & the Nipple Shirt

At the scroll through of my Instagram stream I was stuck at nipple. Great nipples, more specifically the Leandra Medine there wore on her shirt. “We come on the same ideas but also all“, I thought, before my brain suddenly reported and alerted me to the breast cancer month. Right, well, what was there. Lendra wears the diesel shirt because some Kidder secretly had painted breasts there on her (like me at that time, on a shared party once,), not, but a shitty disease of the Earth to remind us.  Continue reading Brustkrebstmonat – Diesel, Leandra & the Nipple Shirt

On The Road With Zakaria In Switzerland – And: How Is Actually High Quality Underwear Produced?

Underwear is one of the few things which I paid attention to so far rather carelessly. Colourful striped, relatively cheap and more or less comfortably – look’s from my dresser. “matter“ was until recently still the setting for the “Untenrum theme“. But “don’t care about“ makes just doesn’t make any sense. It’s about the clothing that we wear very tightly adjacent to the body. Conveniently brings that which should have actually very top priority, through the day and should give us a good feeling – although others just can’t see it. And that is probably the problem on the whole shebang: good underwear was so far just rather unimportant to me, because it’s a necessary thing, whose Optik was frankly pretty don’t care me.  Continue reading On The Road With Zakaria In Switzerland – And: How Is Actually High Quality Underwear Produced?

Video Behind-The-Scenes: Isabel Marant Pour H & M

On June 11th the bomb had H & M burst and now we are shortly before the release of the latest designer collaboration: Isabel Marant pour H & M is a spin on 14 November in the shops and in the hotel’s own online store and our enthusiasm has continued to be honest, rather limited. Marant is adhering to its mix of French chic, sophisticated woman and urban influences and presents a line that shines not by new thought pieces, but especially reminiscent of older collections for the Swedish fashion giant. We were expecting a surprise that may be skin us from the socks simply – however, the conjures up Isabel Marant prefer for their main line. Non is actually even more sense? Continue reading Video Behind-The-Scenes: Isabel Marant Pour H & M

German Press Days the Favourite Young Designers in the Showroom of Arne Eberle

You country hot including/Schorn, Studio Phuengkit, Julian Zigerli and reality Studio – and they have turned quite simply the head us. In the showroom of Arne Eberle, we visited the local heroes, the’s as well as to support: young, visionary designers who want to create something with a lot of heart and Harari, that they missed so far. Whether it a coat of rural Phuengkit is, a Blazer by including/Schorn, the Sandals of reality Studio, an ensemble of Isabel de Hillerin, or a two-parter of Perret Schaad – we would like to save on everything.

Because that is the self-proclaimed goal: less shopping, to invest more in favorite pieces and preferably local hero – to young fashion designers to support, fashion again to celebrate and to be more sustainable. With you guys? We are here because a few Visual arguments in the drawer: Continue reading German Press Days the Favourite Young Designers in the Showroom of Arne Eberle

Collaboration Kate Bosworth Designed for Our Site – Round Two

Christmas is already quite intrusive knocking at our door, Nike and I remember for around 4 months – there namely the first mails to the Christmas must-haves and gift guides in our mailbox in fluttered. Yes, there are actually even earlier Christmas Messenger as the ginger would offer in the supermarket – via mail flood.

So far anyway, we stayed strong and let you on this digital charge Christmas not participate – pushed’s so gallantly aside. Today, however, we bend and must confront you with a little Winter Wonderland feeling. Quite clearly they want us “Christmas collections“ or also “evening collections“ the major fashion chains now quite charming wrap around your finger. Kate Bosworth for our site, so today, let’s start. And comes in surprisingly without any surprises.  Continue reading Collaboration Kate Bosworth Designed for Our Site – Round Two

The Big Trend Special – Part II: Blusige Prospects!

(Again) be wearing next summer and it focuses on what details coming soon if you are than ever to ’ s care fashion dictates, special learn our trend. In the second part of our series that revolves around the toughest ever green of ever: the blouse. A prodigy that reinvents itself again and again or remains very confident, as it always was. Well, almost.

Who? Alexander Wang, Jil Sander, Bottega Veneta, MSGN, mulberry, House of Holland, our site unique, Burberry. Continue reading The Big Trend Special – Part II: Blusige Prospects!

Paris FW: Rick Owens S / S 14 – Fuck Your Racist Beauty Standards.

Finally time again something exciting, something non-compliant, something that not everyone would dare or wanted to happen during fashion week in the glitter-land: Rick Owens whistled on the common and often semi healthy beauty standards in its sector and sent all 40 dancers on the catwalk instead of filigree models. A little rebel was the American designer has always been: his fashion always oscillates between elegance and sloppiness, Gothic associations have not so far been absent and religious elements occur ever – though he is himself not a believer at all. But back to the topic: this time he’s got ’ driven to extremes, this time no one would have guessed, what would happen there on the runway: tap dance elements, violent movements, combative Snoots instead of Schmollmunder – what’s trying to love Rick so say us? Continue reading Paris FW: Rick Owens S / S 14 – Fuck Your Racist Beauty Standards.

PFW Chanel For The Summer Or: Fashion + Art = Eternal Lovers

As the estimated Monsieur Lagerfeld ever manages to design six collections a year for Chanel, four more for Fendi from the floor to stomp, doing his own line of Lagerfeld and KARL by Karl Lagerfeld not forgetting his campaigns to olso, exhibitions with to design, fashion films, to show up on store openings, to his own campaigns face and to stand ready constantly for interviews that of already a mystery to us. How he however is able to create a success story, really everything makes thorough us ready in my head.  Continue reading PFW Chanel For The Summer Or: Fashion + Art = Eternal Lovers

Trend SS 2014 Kenzo & Acne – Inspired by the Sea

Small sailboats, fishing hats, blue/white stripe, yellow upper parts, resembling Friesennerze, fish motifs, sailor uniforms and wavy cut-outs – it is obvious that both Kenzo and acne for their SS 2014 have inspired collections from the sea can be – the same topic however does not mean that everything is the same: thanks to totally different focus, succeed also different implementations.

No. FISH No. NOTHING – or: Kenzo calls more attention to the problem of overfishing. The designer Carol Lim and Humberto Leon solve not only the Tiger-print as well as the year’s eye pattern with their fish-print, but even political: stop overfishing! And how is reflected that in her collection? Power-shaped lines that remember to water and to the end of the presentation by blue to Crimson color, sunglasses, which recall and no longer obscure our view of underwater diving goggles and silhouettes, which oscillate between remote body and figure-flattering. Continue reading Trend SS 2014 Kenzo & Acne – Inspired by the Sea

On A Visit To The Studio Of P | Age – Sustainable Fashion From Berlin

We are constantly looking for more sustainable alternatives in our closet, for responsible design and favorite items, without having a bad conscience – and fail regularly. The awareness is there, but ecological alternatives or even completely fair produced is reminiscent of the search of the needle in the haystack. For many years, there are already the Green Showroom to Berlin fashion week, but due to time constraints, we have so far successfully missed the event. A label, we nevertheless particularly noticed: P | AGE – the Berlin label of magical sisters Ania and Iwona Pilch, that is a first step in the right direction, thinking around and like to share his personal story since 2012 with us! Continue reading On A Visit To The Studio Of P | Age – Sustainable Fashion From Berlin